Dodgeball fun!!

Written by  on July 4, 2014

HIYA+ enjoyed an impromptu dodgeball tournament with our new young volunteers!

IMG_0244 (800x598)

After several games with many different tactics it was a very close result. Too close to declare either side winners?

IMG_0241 (800x598)

Perhaps we should have a rematch soon?

This week we had a visitor!

Written by  on June 13, 2014

This week we had a special guest…. Dan from Tring!! Dan is the Youth Worker for the Sacred Heart Parish in Tring.

IMG_0239 (800x800)

Dan has devised a Global Awareness Auction. A game that saw us looking at how the wealth of the world is divided. It made us think a little about how fair the division is and how difficult it is for the countries with the least money and those that live in those countries .

Thanks Dan for a great night!


Thursday fun with our new Year 6 friends

Written by  on June 6, 2014

Last night we had lots of fun at HIYA with our new Year 6 friends. We played a selection of our HIYA Olympic Games, our favourite being the Maoam Relay!

IMG_0235 (598x800)
If you, or your son/daughter, didn’t make it last night then they have not missed the chance to come. Those in Year 6 can come to any HIYA activity from now on. But sorry those going in to Year 6 in September will have to wait till this time next year to join us.

Summer Programme

Written by  on June 5, 2014

The summer programme is being finalised, keep an eye out for additions to the calendar!

HIYA visited the Dacorum Foodbank

Written by  on June 5, 2014

On 22nd May we visited the Dacorum Foodbank. During lent we collected donations for the Foodbank, instead of paying subs and it was about time we delivered the food.

IMG_0219 (598x800)
Our can, jars and packets as the equivalent to three single food parcels for three days. That’s enough food to feed three people three meals a day! What an amazing achievement, it really show that the little things count.

We spent our time at the Foodbank hearing a little about the good work they do. Then we got to work helping!

IMG_0223 (598x800)
The first job was to label the food we brought with us, an important job so that the food with the shortest shelf life gets used first. The second job HIYA+ had was to help sort the non edible donations used in new home starter packs for example. We all got stuck into the sorting – Claire especially!

IMG_0228 (800x598)
If you want more information on the Foodbank you can follow this link here.

What an amazing HIYA team I have!

Written by  on February 13, 2014

A big thank you to the HIYA volunteers for running the show tonight! It gave me time to visit Pete and the 3:16 Youth. A bit of research ready for HIYA+ launch on March 6th!

A Quality Night at Quasar!

Written by  on February 6, 2014

P2060210 (800x450)

HIYA enjoyed a fun filled evening at Quasar. After splitting into teams the battle began! No love was lost and each team were determined to beat the other!

P2060194 (520x800)

Some were more confident than others that they would win.

P2060209 (450x800)

Some had better tactics than others. (Claire’s novice ability perhaps let her team down. Especially the tactic of moving around through the oppositions territory  rather than finding a spot to stake out the other team!)

However both teams had great fun, would like to do it again and finished off with a nice cold drink!