Claire Pritchard

Claire Pritchard

A great evening with Austin, Karl and many more friends!

Written by  on October 24, 2015

On 22nd October Revd Austin, from Church of the Resurrection Grovehill came to visit HIYA and HIYA+ with a few friends. Revd Austin is an excellent puppeteer and has been working with Karl for longer than the HIYA youth have been alive!

Revd Austin had enough puppets for everyone to have a go. Once the puppets were distributed the youth had to group up and act out a bible story with their puppets. The results were fantastic!

HIYA+ had a workshop on how to make the puppets talk. No one was very good at ventriloquism, but some managed to get the mouth moving properly… It’s harder than you think!

Thank you Revd Austin for a great night!


Monty’s Mayhem

Written by  on October 19, 2015

Rock climbing, Quazar, The Big Mass, Thorpe Park, Cookie & Origami,

Water sports, DENS Sleep-out, Sledging, High Walk, Night Walk and more!

imageTo celebrate the end of the school term we had a games night which heavily involved go cart games and dodgeball.  Well done to the youth who beat the helpers.


Well done hiya + on their big mass painting!



Our face paint night was won by Victor who was painted as half Spider-Man half minion!  Well done Jo Lomas and Joanna for our work.

IMG_0352As the warm weather is here we decided to head to Gadebridge Park for some games.  We played a game based on rounders and then some good old football.  Unfortunately the ice cream van didn’t stay long enough for me to buy one for the helpers… 🙁


Here is a sneak peak at the artwork being created at HIYA + for the big mass in July.  It should be a painting which reflects the 4 parish one community theme.



The month of May is here and as well as some games we celebrated the month of Mary by looking at the Rosary.

imageThe end of April saw us race the cars we made.  Head to photos to see the cars and the winners.


Hiya has talent took place on April 23rg with acts including magic, awrobics, singing, guitar and piano.   Hiya + have recorded a song which will be available here soon!


April 16th saw us back to HIYA after a week away and we enjoyed some football, handball and bumball (handball but sitting down) followed by some wink murder.

April has arrived and on April 2nd we created games based on the life of Jesus and played two rounds of chair ball.

There is no HIYA next week so please have a nice Easter.


So March 26th we had a proper youth club evening with pool, table tennis and table football.  Here you can see two of the youth having an 80’s and 90’s problem…. scalextrics cars not working!!!

Hiiii ya

March 19th was the final of our 3 personal safety sessions and we gave out the kits for the Pinewood Car derby after Easter.  HIYA + made good progress on their song for The Mix which will be available to listen to here once complete!

stations of the cross

March 12th saw the local Confirmation group visit to share with us the Stations of the Cross with HIYA.  It was a very solemn session and both groups behavior was impeccable.  The last half of the session we played some active games.

Hiiii ya

March saw us undertake a three week personal safety training which was kindly provided to us by Gungadoo Enterprises LTD. As well as general street safety we learnt some defense tactics.  Here we see some of our youth trying out what they have learnt.

Previous events

High Ropes and Caving

Written by  on August 1, 2014

This morning six brave HIYA members tackled the High Ropes and caves at the XC. After a slightly weary start I was able to get some pictures of them up in the rafters on the High Ropes course. I have to admit they were all braver than me! I was very happy with my feet firmly on the ground enjoying a cuppa!

untitled-56 untitled-55


For more photos take a look at our gallery.

Canoe Workshop

Written by  on July 31, 2014

Today six of us enjoyed a Canoe Workshop on the Grand Union Canal in Hemel. A big thanks to Ruth from St. Marks and the Hemel Canoe Club who helped make this happen!

untitled-11 untitled-16

After being fitted into the canoes and introduced to the paddles it was time to get into the water.

untitled-24 untitled-27

After paddling down the canal a little way Ruth suggested a quick rendition of Head Shoulder Knees and Toes whilst rafted up.

untitled-30 untitled-31

Some more paddling followed with an assault course through the undergrowth of the canal side,  game of ‘it’  and some breaks to let the canal boats pass. Soon we were back at the Canoe Club for some warm showers before heading home.


Take a look in our Gallery for more photos.

Arctic Alley

Written by  on July 30, 2014

Today a group of us ventured to the Snowcentre in Hemel for some frosty fun!


Ten HIYA members braved the temperatures of -3 to take the plunge and speed down the Arctic Alley Extreme Sledging run!  They raced through the tunnel, over bumps, twists & turns down the full length of the training slope.


It was all smiles at the end when they headed off the slope.


We finished the fun off with some lovely hot food in the Lodge Bar.


Take a look in our Gallery for more photos.



Written by  on July 17, 2014

All Confirmation Candidates in the town are invited to join Claire on Bishop Sherrington’s pilgrimage to Walsingham on September 20th.

Contact Claire for more info or to register your interest.


Written by  on July 17, 2014

Yum yum! Tonight we had a BBQ at HIYA plus, delicacies included chocolate flavour dairy slices (like plastic cheese but chocolate flavoured), we don’t recommend them – stick to a good old-fashioned burger!

bbq (274x184)

We celebrated with some of the town’s confirmation candidates from summer 2014.

A great evening with lots of fun and food!!